Sunday, February 2, 2014

Better late Than Never

We had such an awesome holiday party and I would like to share some pictures from that now. Thank you so much to the room moms for helping organize and help make sure the students had a great time :)

Stay tuned for pictures from our Friendship party coming up in February! :)

Building Day

We did a unit on economics and communities recently and the students really had a great time learning new information. The students used their background knowldge and the new information we learned together to design their perfect community. They designed them by using boxes, paper, and reusable objects in order to build their community. The students worked really hard and had a great time showing their projects off to Mrs. Jacobsen and Mrs. Brustad. I was very proud and even more so impressed by their creativity! Here are a few pictures:

Star of the Week

We have had 2 stars of the week since the holiday break and our first one was Jace. He is an energetic students with very great ideas and a passion for doing good work. His classmates says he is a good soccer player and is helpful. We are glad he is apart of our 2nd grade class this year!

Our 2nd Star of the Week was Rhynn! She is a very caring student that is very helpful with other classmates. She is always asking to help in any way and tries her best each day. Her classmates say she always has a smile on her face. She is a sweet girl! 


Thank you all for your support with Boosterthon! Our class did such a great job and the students had a blast! I loved the fact that Boosterthon made this school fundraiser not only fun for the kids but was educational to teach good character skills and get parents support for the run. All of it together made for a great experience. Here are some picture from the fun run:

Thanks again for everything!