Monday, May 12, 2014

Story Trails

We had so much fun doing these story trails with How Groundhog's Garden Grew! The students worked so hard to put important details from the story on their paper and have their classmates walk along their trail to see what the story was all about! How cool!

Field Day

WOW! What fun we had at Field Day this year! Here is a little sneak peak of all the fun we had:

LISDOLA Field Trip

We had so much fun at our LISDOLA field trip! We got to see so many great things and learn so much information about plants and animals!

Perot Museum

Here are a few pictures from our awesome field trip to the Perot Museum!

Star Students

Caleigh is such a sweet young girl! Her classmates love her joyful spirit and she always has great ideas to share! :)

Jada is such a pleasure to have in class. Her smile and sweet spirit light up the room when she walks in. She enjoys reading so very much and her classmates love to read to her each day!