Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week of October 7-11

This week we learned about changing matter and how ice changes from a solid to a liquid form of water. We also did an activity where the students used different types of matter to combine in order to make something else. I will post pictures of what the students made soon! :) We started back our weekly stories and the students seem to really love this second story of Henry and Mudge that we were reading. We learned about how to double numbers in math and what that exactly means to do so. We touched on nouns the latter part of the week so talk with your child about examples they can give of common nouns (ex. girl, teacher, drink, store, school, etc). This week was very exciting and we are loving being in 2nd grade! :)

Our student of the week for this week was Sarina. She is a fun loving student that is extremely helpful each and everyday. She is a friend to all and is focused on doing her best on each thing we do at school. Her bright smile lightens the room each morning. Having Sarina in our class is such a joy!


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